Google Analytics And Tag Manager Auditing & Tracking Setup 

For most businesses, an “out of the box” implementation of a Google Analytics account won’t get you far. Beyond the need to set up events, goals, and eCommerce tracking - in both Google Analytics (GA) or Google Tag Manager (GTM) - your business may need to resolve tracking issues or may want to set up more advanced tracking for actions that are unique to your business. When you are ready to take your analytics package to the next level and gain actionable insights, our 14 years of in-depth experience can help. 

In-depth Google Analytics Audits & Debugging :  Find and resolve those GA issues that have been bugging you forever. Get peace of mind that your Google Analytics tracking is working properly.  

  • In-depth Google Tag Manager Audits & Debugging :  GTM tracking setup issues are common, from getting it set up correctly in the first place, to ensure that you do not accidentally break it. 
  • KPI Tracking/Data Collection : If you want to be able to track progress against your Key Performance Indicators but are not comfortable with the technical implementation required to do so, we can help.  
    • Custom Event tracking 
    • Goal & Funnel tracking 
    • eCommerce & Enhanced eCommerce tracking 
  • Analytics Health Check : Basic Admin Setup. Account Settings, Property Settings, and View Settings support, which may include the following: 
    • Analytics code verification 
    • Bot filtering & other custom new filters 
    • Site search tracking  
    • Blocking of specific URL query parameters (for needs as defined by the business) 
    • Cross-domain tracking & subdomain tracking 
    • Blocking self-referrals 
    • Custom Dimensions 
    • Custom Channel Groupings 
    • Custom Content Groupings 
    • Custom tracking (UTM) URLs for channel and campaign tracking from PPC, Social Media, Email  
    • Account linking (e.g. share data with Search Console, Google Ads, etc.) 
  • Advanced GA Analytics Tracking Setup :  Based on your business tracking goals, we can help you set up advanced goals & tracking (with or without GTM.) 
  • Custom Analytics Data Reporting :  Get the broader insights you have been seeking, like: inbound traffic, user-paths / conversion paths, or ad-hoc laser-focused reporting based on specific client/stakeholder needs