Botcast Company Communicator

Broadcast announcements via MS Teams​

Built on Microsoft Teams, Botcast - Company Communicator is a solution designed to broadcast messages to multiple teams or individuals through channel posts or chat messages using the Microsoft Teams platform.​ It can be accessed via the Teams app on mobile and desktop. Botcast has been designed using a touch UX approach that ensures a higher participation from the team.

Challenges that Botcast addresses:
  • Lack of streamlined platform to release org-wide messages​
  • Inability to track the engagement ​
  • Poor user experience​s
  • Manual formatting and customizing of organization wide announcements ​ ​
Why is Botcast the ideal solution:
  • Rich text editor allows to compose announcements in custom formats in multiple languages
  • Provides a streamlined process to release org-wide communications
  • Enables seamless user experience​
  • Allows creation of customisable and engaging announcements with little to no effort
  • Gives access to user friendly templates for announcements, holiday announcements and more
  • Provides a single window view to track announcements and engagements ​
Botcast enables:
  • Team collaboration and communication
  • Higher employee engagement​
  • Instant announcement via Teams​
  • Tracks announcements and engagements
  • Customized messages for various announcement types​ ​