Compliance Recorder For Teams

Policy-based, auto-recording of Teams meetings ​ ​

Policy-based recording enables organizations that adopt Microsoft Teams for calling and meetings to stipulate, using an administrative policy, when calls and online meetings should be automatically recorded and captured for subsequent processing and retention as required by relevant corporate or regulatory policy.​ ​

  • Auto-recording : Teams recording policies for the organization updated to facilitate auto-recording of the session based on sender and meeting subject​
  • Choose you storage on-prem or cloud : Collect all Teams communications in a manner required to meet compliance obligations in appropriate regional boundaries and store on-prem or on cloud
  • Track & store communication data : Analyse and interact collected communications, including the ability to monitor interactions as they are being collected.​
  • Notification for recording : Notify meeting participants that the call is being recorded​​
How our auto-recorder bot works on Microsoft Teams? ​
  • The core component of the compliance recording solution is the recorder. Recorders are built as scalable Azure-based services (bots). ​
  • The recorder provides the direct interaction with the Teams calls and meetings communications platform APIs and provides the endpoint for media ingestion.
Requirements that are fundamental for compliance recording scenario are: ​
  • Recorder bot must be deployed in Azure​
  • Recorder bot must run on a Windows VM in Azure
  • A3 or above license required to apply policy for a user
  • For compliance recording to work, user must sign with Azure Active Directory credentials of the same tenant
  • User with compliance policy must join the Teams session to trigger auto-recording