CX Design & Mapping

CX Design Mapping Customer journey mapping is an essential activity to help aid a company plan successful digital activities and marcomms. As a digital marketing agency, creating CX design and interactive mapping idea is one of our main areas of expertise. The customer experience mapping is one of the most valuable marketing tools for gaining a holistic understanding of your customers. It can be instrumental in unlocking latent potential in your funnel, pinpointing opportunities for growth and even uniting divided teams around a single customer view.

Customer experience (CX) indicates every touchpoint a customer encounters with a brand. It given the brand a holistic view of every interaction a typical customer has with a brand over a period of time, whether it’s a product, service experience. maps provide a complete view of every interaction a typical customer has with a brand. As a digital marketing company, we use these real data to describe a persona and measure how a customer thinks, feels and acts as they move through each phase of their journey.

Key Features of Design mapping:
  • Visualise customer journeys and quickly identify touchpoints
  • Get deeper insight at each touchpoint & resolve bottle neck
  • Automate re-engagement to avoid customer drop off
  • Access real-time KPI tracking and optimisation
Benefits of CX Mapping:
  • Helps to explore the different opportunities for optimization and discover the areas of services that needs improvement
  • Develop a customer-centric approach among the entire organization
  • Plan and execute a roadmap of services and marketing activities
  • Evaluate the decision-making process of the customers, the factors influencing their decision and behavior
  • Highlight the relationships and interdependencies between departments and across channels
  • Get a deeper understanding of constituent needs across different areas of your customer lifecycle
  • Create a clear, focused strategy that adds value to your organization
  • Design Solutions that deliver both customer and organizational value