Search Engine Optimization

Improve your website’s organic search rankings with search engine optimization and a migration strategy to ensure your website drives high-value traffic.  The premise behind SEO isn’t incredibly complex. Every single day, people across the internet are using search engines to find answers to their pressing questions, and your company’s goal is to end up on the top of that list of relevant answers.  

The longer your website exists, the more questions it inevitably answers—and search engine algorithms are ultimately able to determine how important, or not important, your pages are, relative to somebody’s search. When you relaunch or migrate a website, however, all that history is erased—you’re basically unhooking yourself from the entire SEO legacy you’ve established.  

Anyone who’s bookmarked your site or linked to it through their blog loses their connection when the old pages are discontinued, and new ones are created. This inevitably causes your page rankings to drop, along with your traffic and audience. 

  • SEO Consulting : We take a collaborative approach to helping you understand SEO opportunities and trade-offs, so you are better positioned to make great, scalable SEO decisions for your own organization. No more "you have to do this" from your SEO strategists. Understand the "why" to balance the SEO Requirements with business-critical goals like user experience, branding, and high-quality conversions. 
  • Keyword Research :  There really is an art and a science to Keyword Research, and they aren't always the same keywords clients have in mind. We'll bring expertise - as well as data - to the conversation to help you make the right decisions for your business. 
  • SEO Roadmap Documentation :  Creating and shopping the SEO roadmap - complete with prioritized features, LOE estimates & timelines for recommended executions - for organizations seeking support in executing their technical & strategic SEO projects. Learn how we develop SEO Roadmaps and work well with development teams to deploy these changes. 
  • SEO Strategy Documentation :  Creation of a comprehensive strategy in support of your growth goals, which takes advantage of your business’s strengths and unique selling points. This provides the framework for a tactical execution plan.  
  • SEO Tool, Employee & Vendor Selection and Training : Finding the right mix of SEO tools and/or employees for your budget, stage of business and growth strategy, all in support of the overall growth plan. Training provided to internal resources & freelancers as needed. 
  • Senior Software Engineering Consulting : Implementing technical SEO changes can hit a wall when your chosen tech stack has limitations, or your engineering team has capacity/SEO skill set limitations. Get over these barriers with our software consulting services, where we provide you with the direction you need to overcome these barriers.