Virtual Hearings for Ministry of Justice, Saudi Arabia


Tech Unicorn enabled judicial transformation for courts in Saudi Arabia by developing a customised digital courtroom solution. The nation’s court system typically addresses more than 5000 hearings per day. During the global pandemic of 2020, all court procedures were inadvertently shifted to virtual platforms, which posed several administrative challenges as these structures did not accommodate automated recording functions or offer access to courtroom analytics. Our digital courtroom solutions enabled the nation to record virtual hearings and simultaneously improve its existing judicial services.


Although the courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had been conducting hearings online, there were several additional features that could enhance their operations. The courts required a single, inclusive platform that could provide automated hearing recordings and participant authentication. Furthermore, courtroom officials required analytics that could be used to gain insights after hearings had been concluded. Tech Unicorn was able to create an inclusive digital courtroom platform that fulfils all the required features of the justice industry.


We offered our compliance recording solution on Microsoft Teams to facilitate automated session recordings. Our team upgraded to the Virtual Lobby platform on Teams itself to enable participant authentication before entering a hearing. This feature ensures that every hearing is recorded, while confirming the creditability of all attendees. The application also provides a dashboard for officials to view hearing analytics, such as tracking recordings and viewing session-duration.


We created a policy-based recording solution, which adopts Microsoft Teams for digital court hearings. It automatically records and subsequently processes data to fulfil the regulatory policy. It also includes a Case Management System on which the case hearing details can be added and stored securely. 

It’s full list of features include:

  • Automated session recordings
  • Virtual lobby with user authentication  
  • Dashboard with session analytics and insights 
  • Secure storage of recordings and data

Our virtual courtroom solution met all user compliance requirements, through a streamlined platform. It also allows the generation of insights and analytics, while ensuring that each part of a hearing is recorded. We are excited to continue refining our digital solutions for customers and adapting products to fully serve its users.

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