Unicorn SmartNAV

Introducing Next Generation Indoor Navigation
World's First Adaptive Indoor Navigation Solution That Provides An Intuitive Guidance To People Of Determination.

The indoor navigation solution – Unicorn SmartNAV is an integrated next-generation navigation solution that combines indoor and outdoor guidance. The solution is powered by Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms.

The app adapts its UI & UX to suit multiple disabilities like: vision impairment, blindness, auditory, cognitive, mobility and other disabilities. The method, design and framework of the solution is currently being patented across the world.

  • Integrated solution with AI, AR, ML, GPS & BLE Beacons
  • Accessibility mode for multiple disabilities & challenges
  • Optimal path planning based on real-time data
  • Online & offline mode for journey simulation
  • Connect across multiple indoor and outdoor locations
  • Analytics & enterprise dashboard for management
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Testimonials with Emiratis

“We really like it. I hope it gets applied everywhere we go to, across the city. It will be beneficial for people with low vision because the people who don't know places will be able to start the application and it will guide them everywhere.”

-Emirati Volunteer, Researcher, July 2019

“If this application was available, a lot of things would be resolved for me and I would be able to experience public transport comfortably. ”

-Emirati Volunteer, Student, August 2019

“It's truly a great innovation. I'm sure it will touch many lives. I believe this should be applied across cities to make them accessible to all. ”

-Client, Public Transport, October 2019