Unicorn Digital Courtroom

We've reimagined and developed the courtroom of the future

Unicorn Digital Courtroom is a platform that enables face-to- face online court session from anywhere in the country. Participants only need a camera with audio input & output with an internet device to attend the court session virtually and can interact with the judge through a secure video stream.  

Built using Azure Communication Services (ACS) and Teams, Unicorn Digital Courtroom is powered with features that allow to integrate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning within a single platform with rich communication, video, and SMS APIs to deliver a Digital Courtroom Experience across any device, on any platform, using the same reliable and secure infrastructure that powers Microsoft Teams.

Teams interoperability allows you to create custom applications that connect users to Microsoft Teams meetings. Users of your custom applications don't need to have Azure Active Directory identities or Teams licenses to experience this capability. This is ideal for bringing employees (who may be familiar with Teams) and external users (using a custom application experience) together into a seamless meeting experience.

  • Remote & Virtual Hearings :  Allow all parties like judge, defendants, legal counsels, and claimants to take a part in proceeding while in custody
  • Live Broadcast Public Hearings :  Broadcast public hearings online to a larger audience
  • Auto Recording & Archiving of Hearings :  Auto-recorded and documented session
  • Real-time Translation & Transcription :  Automated transcription & translation of the session on a real-time basis
  • Personalized Courtrooms :  Custom design, layout and user journey based on client requirements
  • Evidence Management :  Submit evidence in advance prior to a specific court hearing (documents, videos, images)
  • 3rd Party API Integration :  Ability to connect to existing applications (cloud and on-prem) through API
  • Protected Identity :  Protection of witness under threat or vulnerable witnesses
  • Registration & Notifications :  Automate reminders/notifications for court hearings
  • Access History Data :  Visibility to records (documents, recordings & case history) of previous session
  • Private calling :  Ability to make private calls during a session prior to judge starting the session
  • Document Co-authoring :  Ability to digitally sign and co-author documents such as: Judge's Order, Verdict, etc.
  • Moderation & Monitoring :  Ability to moderate and mute all participants in the hearing session by the judge or admin
  • Image Recognition & Optical Character Recognition (OCR) :  National ID verification with face recognition
  • Azure Cognitive Services :  Provide intelligence on top of recorded data pertaining to hearings stored on cloud or on-prem