Virtual Clinic

Break boundaries, transform care

Virtual Clinic App enables patients to easily conduct their virtual appointments at the comfort of their homes without having to visit medical facilities. Virtual Clinic appointments are booked easily based on the available specialties at healthcare facilities or based on the user request.

Break boundaries, transform care
Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic app helps prescribe and initiate consultation sessions to optimize therapy using live video connect technology, and in-app video chat services, directly.

Used in private practices, urgent care clinics, nursing homes, school systems, prisons and standalone kiosks; our virtual and walk-in clinic software is fully customizable and compatible with any and all devices and operating systems. No special hardware is required.

  • A single-click solution: The Virtual Clinic connects patients to a healthcare provider via a process that can be integrated into any computer, tablet, mobile phone, or kiosk.
  • Improved workflow: Providers can leverage agenda management tool, which allows a healthcare staff to monitor and field incoming appointment requests and assign them to available providers.
  • Scheduled Appointments: This enables participants to book scheduled sessions with providers from a device or the provider’s website, complete custom intake documents and pay for their session all within a secure and compliant system.
  • On-Demand Appointments: Our on-demand scheduling feature allows for immediate, on-demand schedule requests that only notify providers when they are free.
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