Botcast for Clover, South Africa


Clover is a leading South African dairy brand, offering a wide range of high-quality products. This trusted household brand that has been recognized for its excellence in social responsibility, environmental initiatives, and human resource management. The company used Microsoft Teams as its primary communication platform, relying on email as its secondary source of contact. It sought assistance from Tech Unicorn to create an integrated communication platform that would enable seamless collaboration between all internal parties.


Clover had implemented Microsoft Teams and had been using it exclusively for internal meetings. It was imperative to create awareness about the full functionality that could be realised with Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, their existing 365 platform required integration for the solution to function. Our challenge was to use their existing framework to create a unified, user-friendly, and collaborative experience that would enhance internal communication.


Clover has approximately 3500 employees who use Microsoft Teams to communicate, schedule meetings and send messages. We proposed the implementation of an internal communication solution, BotCast. This application was designed by Tech Unicorn to modernise the workplace and integrate internal communication on Microsoft Teams.

BotCast provides a single platform, from which team members can send and receive all company announcements. It also accommodates the integration of Microsoft 365 groups to ensure a fully functional communication application.

BotCast is a customized version of Microsoft’s Company Communicator app. It has been designed to broadcast messages on Microsoft Teams via bot messages. The message can be fully customized with a header, and footer with multi-language support to simulate a modern emailer experience. In addition, the app can be accessed via the Teams app on mobile and desktop.


BotCast has been designed with a UX approach to ensure high participation and optimized engagement. With simplified bot announcements and sophisticated engagement analytics, managers can assess the employee sentiment to each broadcast message or announcement.

The final solution includes the following benefits and features:

  • Improved team collaboration
  • Rich text editor function
  • HTML code can be added to announcements
  • Author controls announcements
  • Recipients can react and reply
  • Authors can track announcement analytics
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Instant announcement via bot notifications
  • Customized messages for various announcement types

Clover team now uses Microsoft Teams and its full range of functions as its preferred channel for all internal communication. We are proud of our role in this success story and look forward to the ways in which we leverage Microsoft Teams to offer a rich user experience. Through the development of applications like BotCast, we aim to offer innovative corporate communication solutions that enhance workflow and productivity. One of the most interesting aspects of the project was that 80% of the team was women. At CX Unicorn, we take great pride in encouraging women to undertake leadership roles within our organization and projects.

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