MyShifts App for Mowasalat, Qatar


Tech Unicorn created a custom application that would enhance daily operations for a leading end-to-end transport provider, Mowasalat. This organization required a digital solution that would optimize its growing fleet, improve team collaboration, and streamline overall workforce management.


Founded in 2004 by the Qatar Government, Mowasalat is the country’s end-to-end transport service provider. The company has up to 15,000 employees with the aim of expanding even further. They manage a significant part of the public transport sector, including the Metro link, as well as several on-demand transport services. Mowasalat sought opportunities to optimize its daily operations and processes through a workforce management solution that could accommodate an increase in passengers. The company also needed a way to connect drivers with supervisors, while facilitating reporting, check-ins, and check-outs, as seamlessly as possible.


MyShifts was designed to simplify roster management for front-line workers through Microsoft Teams. It brings the entire shift assignment process into a singular platform, which increases visibility and enhances the overall functioning of a team. Furthermore, based on the data from Myshifts, the company can mobilize transportation resources exactly where they are needed.


MyShifts incorporates Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 to seamlessly connect drivers, supervisors, and all relevant internal parties, thereby enhancing communication. It can also be seamlessly integrated with the existing systems such as ERP and HR management systems, that are used by an organisation. The application helps manage employees and resource allocation by providing a unified view of skills, availability, assignment, and training needs. 

Its full list of features include:

  • Resource planning & shift assignment ​ 
  • Geo-location mapping for resources, location & area management​ 
  • Create shift demand for events  
  • Add locations and areas for events  
  • Request for resources  
  • Assign shifts to resources  
  • Create shift types  
  • Check-in/out of shifts  
  • Receive check-in/out bot notifications  
  • Indicate breaks between shifts 

To create a successful digital transformation, Mowasalat has committed to building an inclusive digital environment by ensuring that every employee has a Microsoft account, instead of using private emails. The company has also integrated the Connect app, which it uses internally to share useful company information with employees.

Moving forward, Mowasalat is working with its partners to expand the use of Microsoft Teams to address additional business scenarios. The company plans to enhance its existing modules for resource mapping and shift demand, as well as improve the user experience.

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MyShifts App for Mowasalat, Qatar