Business Transformations with Microsoft Azure

Business Transformations with Microsoft Azure

According to Gartner, by 2022 90% of corporate strategies will mention data as a critical enterprise asset, with analytics as an essential competency. Many organizations presently see the need to transfer their data supply chain to the cloud to enable context-dependent, data-driven business decisions for strategic expansion.

Although businesses deem their cloud transformation efforts to have been successful for applications, they often feel that the complexity of their data management environment is not suited to a simple, cost-effective shift. The inevitable result is that cloud initiatives are failing to deliver their full potential.

Many enterprises hoping to transfer their data supply chain to the cloud, are choosing Microsoft Azure for the scalability and security offered by its global network of data centers. Microsoft recently raised the bar with the announcement of Azure Synapse Analytics - a limitless analytics service that synchronizes traditional data warehousing and big data analytics into one, inclusive offer. The data migration challenge, however, still applies, prompting IT leaders to consider how they can facilitate a simple, cost-efficient cloud migration journey.

The new approach to data

Cloud migration should give an enterprise greater agility and enable data-driven business transformations, pivoted on Azure data services. The Tech Unicorn Data Studio for Azure serves as a next-generation framework to guide the transition of data assets to Azure. This framework unites Tech Unicorn solutions and Microsoft Azure to deliver the best of both in terms of products, platforms, and industry expertise, along with strong delivery and sophisticated risk management capabilities. Azure is recognized as the most trusted and security-compliant platform in the world, implemented by around 80% of the Fortune 500.

Tech Unicorn Data Studio for Azure

With this foundation, the Tech Unicorn Data Studio for Azure is an inclusive solution that provides end-to-end services, including data strategy development and intelligent data management solutions that leverage automation to manage and govern data.

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Enterprises have instant access to skilled Azure-certified data talent (full-stack cloud data engineers and master data architects), drawn from both Tech Unicorn and Microsoft Azure. Using our Intelligent Data Suite (IDS), clients can start connecting their data value chains, while removing the complexity that comes from implementing multiple point solutions. The aim is to accelerate Azure migrations and achieve results faster. Tech Unicorn uses Agile and DevOps methods to develop outcomes-focused commercial models for their Azure journeys.

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